Got your ticket to the game already?
Dec. 8's game has been sold out, but we still want you in the stands with us on January 30th!!!

Step 1: Go to the site, click the "Find Tickets" button.
Step 2: IMPORTANT!!! Use the Promo code IMPACT or proceeds will NOT be donated on your behalf.
Step 3: Select your Seating Section and Complete Purchase.
Step 4: See you at the game!

Tickets must be purchased by Sunday, January 28th!!!

Its Impact Night with the Detroit Pistons!!!
Click The Flyer
to Purchase your tickets!

Detroit Impact?
Changing The World One Child At A Time...

Detroit Impact is a youth center established to work with youth in our community to teach, mentor, guide, motivate and encourage. Our programs and services engage our youth and help them prepare for their future. What does all this mean?

Detroit Impact is looking at long-term solutions through devotion, determination and hard work. Our volunteers share our vision and support their beliefs with affirmation and action. Our staff and volunteers are great models. It is largely because of them that our programs make a difference.


To volunteer or to get training for your community, contact us at 313-272-0004, or fill out the form below.



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