Academic Support
Our Academic Support Programs Finishline: S.T.E.P.P.S SAT Preperation and Literacy combine basic math, reading, writing and speaking skills. We provide Link Learning homework assistance. Group instruction and individual tutoring. We help students relate to what they learn in their classroms to their future and "everyday life"
Our Restorative Practices and Kingian conflict resolution training along with our "Rights of Passage". Programs that are designed to empower youth to become more responsible and productive members of their schools and community. We are providing our youth with valuable life skills and tools that are necessary for their continued success. Leadership programming is available for youth ages 13-17.
Microsoft Computer Learning Center (MCLC)
Our computer Learning Center is an essential community resource. In th MCLC, youth have an oppurtunity to learn the latest software packages, access the internet, and computer based learning programs. In addition, participants are part of our special Microsoft Learning Center Program. Microsoft Certified Traines provide instruction for training in the latest Microsoft WINDOWS 8, Professional Office, Graphic and Video Game Design, Movie making and editing, Website design and social media development.
Motown Writers Journalism Class
This class encourages youth to write and equip them with skills of observation, research and information compilations. The youth in this program create a newsletter from a teen’s point of view. It also includes guided reading from various African American writers. Poetry and creative writing class to help develop both writing and oral presentation skills. Poetry Slam Club encourages and motivates young writers with building writing and comprehension skills.
Leisure Recreation Program and Remote Car Circuit
Our leisure recreation program includes: Saturday adventure Kid's Club which is designed for youth a ages 6-12. This program provides Arts & Crafts, Bible Study, and lunch. Our Remote Car Circuit is radio controlled motor- sports, which provide full hands on step-by-step instructions on how to build and race 1/28 scale remote control model cars.
Money Matters For Youth
Money Matters For Youth will guide and inform youth about managing money wisely. By learning productive techniques of money management, students gain valuable tools that they use for the rest of their lives. The information is priceless and the activities are exclusive. These lessons will not only provide exposure but also memories that will last a lifetime. The training includes budgeting, life planning/goals, spending patterns, needs verses wants, etiquette, networking, investments and other issues that impact youth and their financial resources.
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